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Advice 10 – The character

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: The joy of goodness, to better yourself, day by day, in it, in goodness. In think about how to do things better tomorrow, when again, for the routine you are in the same circumstances that today. That examination of conscience, for which you can give every day more of you, much more! We see that sportsmen do it with their body, we see that it is possible to do, and we see that if one can dominate his body, that is difficult, but he does, he can dominate his character, because is by the character that we are what we are,that we speak as we speak, that we do what we do. The character, forged with the willpower, is the joy of be yourself what you want to be, and there is always satisfaction in want to be better than yesterday. In the same way that we always want that others loves we more than yesterday, and the people that we love we, they love we more than yesterday, every morning, because they have loved we during the day of yesterday, and they loving we, they have taken care of us, they have been pending of us, like you must be pending of you, take care of you, because, whom you must love first, after God, is to you, because loving you, you will take care of you and you will know by this take care also to others. Love you is take care of your soul, which will be separated from your body and will follow the route of spiritual life, which everyone lives once they have passed through the time of life in the body, and we have experience of it, we know thousands of people that have lived on this planet Earth and they are gone, leaving his body here, but following living in his condition of soul, this spiritual energy that is life.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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