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Advice 11 – Decide to do the best

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: The good life is to live well doing the good, and the success is do the correct thing, the success is decide what you will do with yourself. Some people decide to do the evil, and others decide to do a little of good and a little of evil; they want human benefits to possess the others or the other things, but the good thing is that things come to us, is that people want to be with us, and each who attracts his similar to he; for that the bad people, those who do more evil than good, these are many and come together to decide to do evil, because evil always needs allies, it is very difficult that the evil be done it alone, that is to say, without a society; normally for do the evil, is necessary synchronize several things at once, because God made the thing good, and the world is made by God. But in the world there are the bad spirits, those that induce many to evil, because people don´t know speak with himself, to the majority others have taught them to decide in collective, to look at what others do or what others say, before they take their time and meditate about WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. People, many, don´t know what they want to do, because to many others have taught them that they must to do what the books say, the teacher says, the parents say… And if what they teach is good, then that would not hurt anyone, but is difficult to find wise men in society, normally, at all times, the wise men live alone, are dedicated to meditation and don´t speak much of themselves, much less they speak of others. And is that wisdom, like to breathe, each who can achieve it through meditation in the good works, in decide to do the best that one can do. Live thinking in be good and do the good, is live in the mindset of the success!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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