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Advice 12 – Success in money

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Success in the money, is that the money comes to you, for something good that you give first. And always is this way; the success is the compensation to a good thing that you have done wanting; making an effort in it, preparing you for it and giving it, you wait, and over time, is arriving the success. That is why some people say, that by what you think, you attract success; is not well-well like this, but they are quite correct, because, of course, the seed is necessary, and the seed is the thought. That is why you must to think good the things, you have to get used to meditate them, to analyse them, to judge them!, yes; you can judge a project in your mind, yes! Of course!, and you can judge a person in your mind, to decide on she, to know how she is and be able to help she or separate yourself from she, or attract she, how is in the case of the possible customers. Another thing is that you criticize the people, with others or in front of themselves, but you must to know the others, as you must to know yourself, as you must to know your profession, your business; know and judge, for sentence if change in attitude and improve, or accept that there is nothing to do and that you want to devote to another new opportunity of idea that you will create in your dreams, because of see that what you have got today, is not what you want to have. Sometimes, with some change, things improve; sometimes worse!, but always, everyone and everything is on movement, that is why I tell you also that the economic success, these need to be addressed each day to keep it in the best conditions of good yields.

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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