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Advice 13 – In order to has success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: You have to treat good to your personnel, to the people who work with you, your bosses, employees, customers, suppliers, to the bank, to the financial adviser, to the cleaning lady and to your spouse, who is your partner, want it or not!, although you don’t tell to him anything of your work, because your spouse and you are just one person. That is as true as that, praying a Our Father every day, you’ll feel better the end of the year. That is why is the most important of your life, decide who you will marry. Decide always someone with your same spiritual ideals, because you’re soul. Do you remember?, therefore, also remember that his body will change with the years, yes or yes, and his soul also; if he is a bad person who enjoys immorality. Look at his deeds and not his words, because then, if you marry someone immoral, you will not succeed, because success is only in the good and good thing. Do you remember?… Look for someone with your same wishes of success, that values the struggle and effort, you know save and likes to work, because life is working, and to succeed you have to work. Everything others say you of attract the success without work, is not true. But it’s good work!, and is nice to work on something that you like, that is why the success is always within your desire. What do you wish?… make a plan with your wishes, but I don´t advise you to write it, no need!, It is even better not write it, is better that you learn to talk within yourself, for not to leave tracks. And moreover, many times, once writed the plan, there are people that with that they already feel fulfilled or get stuck in this plan, but you should know that, if you think your plan, then is God who executes it with you; and if you have written it, you will not follow the spiritual guidance of God, who knows everything, even what think to do your opponent, your enemy, your client … do you understand?”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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