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Advice 14- God will help you

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Things are more simple, much more simple, do not complicate life writing your plan!, Think it!, meditate it!, share it with God himself, who lives in you and with you, and be guided by the Holy Spirit. And if you haven´t got plan, sometimes, because others have said to you that you’re useless; other times, because you’ve proven many failures that you have lived, then, don ´t worry, trust in the One who knows all, and knows how you are, because He created you, and tell Him, within you, in prayer, that prayer is that, within you talk to God, tell Him, as I suggest you, tell Him, “look, I want money, I want success and prosper, but I don´t know how to do. So I put myself at your feet and I will follow your guidances, that I will see for the reality that what I live, circumstances that I have got; but You, help me!, I trust You, Jesus of Nazareth.” And that God who made man, and who said loud and clear that all what we ask Him in his name to God the Father, He would grant us, then, He help you!, don´t hesitate it. If you has asked God, and you are good and you do the good, God himself will clear your present and will form your future; but I warn you, to clear your present, God will need you, not only physically with your work, with your character of successful person, that is a character good shaped on good and good thing, both in the manner you dress, as to act, speak, think and take care of yourself; because you must to take care of yourself, because God needs you to give you what you want, what you asked Him; so you must be at the level of a God´s partner. You are that partner that you’ve done the best plan of your life, that is associate with the Owner of the World, which moreover, is your Father!, and: He loves you, He loves you a lot, very much, and for you He will pull some “strings” here and there, and of course, that sometimes gives an effect of possible error, of piles of trash, that God is sweeping to clear your future, but you may only see the piles of trash, wich moreover it have made you trip and fall; and behold, you have started being a partner of God, and it seems that things are going worse, that you have to work harder or even you are out of work, and your partners or colleagues have disappointed you or have betrayed you; but if so, is better that you know it today and you will follow walking alone with God or with other people better than who just stab you!; and it is that to have a permanent success, you must, however, first, let God clear the way, He remove dust from you and prepare you for that when you get success in money, this success don´t bring you the failure of other things that it´s also important that you will have success in them, and indeed, to enjoy all of them.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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