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Advice 3 – Don’t abandon your desire:

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Don’t abandon your wish; if you abandon it, might be that you didn’t wish it really, might be instead of a desire it be a whim, and whims haven´t got perseverance in the human mind neither heart. You can´t be a whimsical, you only have got one life!, this!, so, decide what you wish, think about it now!, get advice, ask advice to professionals, to people who understand and have been successful in it; make a study of your wish, know ALL about it!, because it´s what you want, because it´s what you have decided to wish, because it´s what you want for your life, for live your life with it, dedicating to it, perfecting you with it, changing the world with it!; so, if you have thought it, making a study of it, being a day about it and enjoy yourself of what you want, love it!; and for love it you have to know it, you have to be a good professional of what you want, you have to be the best! If you don´t enjoy it, if you don´t love it, possibly it is only a whim; so, if it´s a whim, you will fail. Only lasts what one loves and whishes and really wants; although this also goes for its possible facets of temporary failures, in which your wish will help you go out of all adversities, indeed, you will find in them a success, there hidden, the success of improve your wish, because if you fail, is that you should consider it better, you should restructure it to be it more perfect, to be it a success.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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