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Advice 30 – Your own business

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Success is not going alone, goes hand in hand with talent, and with all the good, the beautiful and the true. Get ready to be successful in everything good that you know will help you become a better person, in everything good that will relieve you of the sadness in this life, in everything good that you feel in your heart beats. Because with God, you can get all. He created everything good you can imagine and desire, that is why, all this is in his will, and join God’s will, is your ideal of life, trusting that life always have what you want. But what so often happens is that one, or doesn´t know what he wants, or sometimes, what he wants, is what the others want. And God has given to each one the life and has allowed a personality, some experiences, and some circumstances in his life, which make he optimal for a development different from others. Could be two brothers, and never, ever, both will have the same experiences and circumstances, although they were twins. Because everything develops from one instant to another, and isn´t the same a kiss given at ten o’clock or at ten past ten, can be the same kiss of the same mother, but in ten minutes a lot of things can happen that influence the human nature. And this is good, because it’s so good to live in the time, with time always in favour. Because time isn´t dictator, but a series of moments in which, by the time, each one has opportunities to live, and living one is happy, because he lives. Live and work! Enjoy life and make plans and put them into practice. And enjoy to give you to others, as you have always desired and you desire now. Everyone desires success; everyone desires the self-fulfilment and do it well, and this is the success; do well the good thing you want to do, everything good that you want to do. Get ready to live, and triumph from right now until the end of your time!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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