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Advice 31 – Success is for everyone

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Success is achieved by synchronizing the will of God for you with your will to obey God in everything. Someone was pursuing success in one place, and there met with obstacles that made ​​him change his attitudes, and with these new and good attitudes, he developed aptitudes that led him to a greater success to a few that he had not ever thought achieve in the success pursued. And to follow and fulfill God’s will, he found and prospered, and he succeeded because of his humility to accept the change of plans for which he had gone to that place where, facing the unknown, found the surprises that life always brings. And with them, there is the seed of a new plant, that unique plant of unique success only unique to you. Because each one is successful, and by his success, ever doesn´t destroy the success of others; that of be this way, success wouldn´t exists. But success exists and is for everyone. God has in store for everyone, but few reach it, as few do the will of God, and that is why so many fail, because success is a condition of perfection in the best thing that we can give and find in life. And if there is selfishness, there isn´t given, or if one pass over others to find the definitive success. And there is never success for who doesn´t know give himself, and if he has to wait, then wait. There is who believes that success is fast or there isn´t success, but is not like this, total success is slow, because not only is successful who comes to fulfill a dream, but he is successful if he gets to keep that dream in his reality all his life. And only goodness endures, and only has a good reputation who is good, and therefore, success is only of one who is good and does good, and persists in it as a real way of life.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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