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Advice 32 – Those who complain

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: If you want to succeed, move away, as from a plague, from who in everything and always sees the negative in people and things and events, and from who moreover sees the negative; goes boasting that he would do better. Best would do in be silent and help others if he knows as he says to know! Because many know to give advice, ask it to him or not, and few want to get work as a team, to give an opportunity, every day, all the days of their life. Those who say a lot that they know, they know little if they complain, because who complains is that he doesn´t know, because if he knows, first, he knows that the complaint weakens who makes it and who hears it, and second, it seems that he hasn´t been aware of this is a difficult world, a complicated world, and for that difficulty all goes perfect, and less with imperfect people as there are, and all we are imperfect, while we don’t demonstrate otherwise, respecting the work of others, their choices and circumstances, which God knows, and uses all of them for the good of the person. If God allows that in life be which there is, and He wants we take out the good and the best thing of all it; is that you can and must do, in spite of everything, despite of all the negative thing of each event or circumstance; if you fulfill with the willpower of God, there will always be something positive and good in everything that happens. Because in this world evil lives and good lives, and is the struggle between the two forces what makes there are moments of peace or wartime. But who complains of everything and everyone, doesn´t see the good thing in that bad thing that has happened, and thus it has opened the opportunity for something new; and in everything new, there is the possibility of good or evil, because is your stance which changes the circumstances, is your character, which allows people to not get depressed neither get tired of fighting and defeat don’t be definitive. You can see these opportunities, there are always, always!, to do the good, the good thing, the right thing. You have to trust in God, Who knows how the world works and He knows how we work, and He asks us for a vote of confidence to fulfill His Law, the Law of God which is the one that will give us the success, the peace. But, as I said before, if the character of someone near to yourself, sees only negativity and pessimism, move away from that person, because success is always for positive person, that trust in himself and in the others! Who doesn´t trust in God neither in the life that God created and allows, he will not have the success that endures; may has the applause of the great mass of carping that there are in this world, that instead of do positive things, are watching and criticizing everything and everyone, but success is always for the good people, the positive people, the people who trust in Who created the world: God Himself.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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