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Advice 33 – That is success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: I propose you to be good and resist in good, pay the taxes and be always in rule according to civil law, that in order to have peace and success carrying your law, the law of do good, no matter what happens!, the law that is universal, that no other law can replace, and doing good, all other laws of each country allow it. I don’t know of any country prosperous, democratic, that prevents you to do good and the right thing, and although they may have some laws permissive in moral issue, don’t persecute those who wants to do good and the right thing, those who wants a life of peace, that peace to have a good conscience. Ponder my words, my friend, and you’ll realize that it’s certain, it’s true, that you!, you are free to do good and the right thing, the moral thing, to follow the Law of God. Maybe others don´t do, but you can do it!, you can decide to follow YOUR OWN LAW, it that does good and the good thing. And I say to you, I say it: any other law will not be able to go against your law, that of always do the good thing, the right thing, thus having a good conscience and living the faith, and enjoying of the works of it, you, you will have success in all!, because although your parents, siblings or children don´t do it, if you follow the Law of Good then, you will succeed, you will get success where you have failed, and although you failed with some temporary defeat, you will always win and you’ll feel great, because, within you, you know that you’ve done the good and the right thing, that, this is the SUCCESS, because moreover, and I tell you in serious and tested by me, success ALWAYS comes when you act doing the good and the good thing, as method of life, as a form of behavior; and how happy is one beating himself, surpassing himself every day to be good and do the good and the right thing!, thinking more about this, to be good and do the good and the right thing, than in results. Many people think more on results, and don’t always do the good, neither the good thing, thinking thus to arrive before!, and if they have some triumph, that triumph is not the same as success, they feel insecure to reach the goal with unjust and unjustifiable means in front of their consciousness, that will can´t accept a good conscience never!, reaching the goal, selling themselves in not to do the good thing, the best thing one could do! You go to get the success and not the triumph; a triumph always can be a failure, instead the success, although you fail because others triumph, you always win, because success is to do the good and the right thing, and being like that, where you have lost because others have triumphed, you can succeed on another opportunity, that SURE life will give you, because life is full, packed of opportunities, every day, so don´t sell yourself for the first opportunity of today, more later they will reach more, and tomorrow and after tomorrow. You always stay attentive of yourself, to do the good and the right thing, and your business and your family do the same, always with the possibilities you have, and if you lack of it, pray and wait, ask and await; that God will give you everything in your best moment, because He knows you, and He knows where and when is good for you arrive to a point of success, because success isn´t to be arrive to a limit and that’s enough, success is always have success in everything, and it can be, even while you have failures, and what we call “bad luck”; because success depends on you, it make you happy struggling and surpassing yourself in do the good and the right thing, in always fulfil with your duty and God’s Law, the law of Good and the Good thing.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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