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Advice 34 – Triumph and success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: No, is not the same to triumph than to succeed. The triumph is normally the result of a competition, is to win others at a certain point in life, in certains ways, an athlete, triumphs and wins the olympic gold medal, but all can have success, all athletes can have success, if they give the best of themselves, if in everything that they do, they do the good and the right thing, allowing others to be free and make with their life what they want. Many people triumph canceling the freedom of others, that’s not success!, the success that comes from within, that really comes from you and you give it to you, because other can give you the triumph for you; you can have money because you have a good sales team, but success is yours if you choose this sales team and you have choosen the best people to do the good and the right thing. With tricks also sell products, and this is a triumph, but success is that you sell good products, the best products at a fair price! Some people get good marks bribing the deans or cheating on exams, and they triumph, but if they can not apply their studies, they don´t succeed!, because they will make a sloppy work there where they must to give the best of themselves. And they can deceive one day, but not every day of a long life. One person can to get married to a person for his body, for his money, for his fame, but once married, she lives with the person, with what is this person, with his character, and yes, many people get divorce, but divorce is a failure it´s never a success. If you want to succeed in your marriage, look for a person that you like him and have good character, who is good, but you will triumph one day, the day of the wedding, but you will fail the rest of your life; and to you, what interests you is the success, or not?”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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