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Advice 37 – Your success or the triumph of others

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: There are those who don´t know ask for forgiveness, and there are those who craftily they are asking for forgiveness, and so, if they are wrong and make mistakes, ask forgiveness all the life, and they never strive to avoid errors, because they see in asking forgiveness, the salvation of their lack of character for always do the good and not to be wrong in not do the correct thing. They throw to their desires and live the life!, thinking that they will ask for forgiveness after, and the good person forgive him. They believe that to forgive is synonymous of giving another opportunity and start again, and it isn´t like that, to forgive is a necessary thing for who is good person and wants to do the good thing and give the freedom to others, that same freedom that he protects, itself same, because the freedom of others to be free, it´s his of one same, and be free too, the same, like the others; that freedom of pay for what you do with it, receiving the good thing or the bad thing, because every act, every word, is returned. Any action of the person, every word, comes back to us, and every repetitive thought becomes word or action, and also receives its compensation. It isn´t the same to say: “Forgive me” than to say: “Give me another opportunity”; you can say both things, yes, but the forgiveness can never replace ask for another opportunity. When someone asks you for forgiveness, forgive him, indeed, forgive whom damaged you, although he doesn´t ask you for forgiveness, and give an opportunity to anyone you want, although he doesn´t ask you for forgiveness or he asks you for forgiveness; because the opportunity that you give to others, it isn´t for the forgiveness that they ask you, but for if you, freely decide to give him that opportunity. Evidently, in partnerships like marriage and in the family, many things are forgiven without to ask for forgiveness and there’s always the opportunity to continue the relationship, if you’re interested. The same can happen in a legal partnership, but in a engagement, in a friendship or possible partnership, if you have to forgive depend on what, even in marriage and society, the infidelity and the theft, are acts that you must always forgive, but they don´t condition to continue with society. Because there is who sins and trust in the goodness of who seeks success, to have a selfish live and making suffer the one who is faithful and has good feelings. Don´t leave others steal your love, you must to love and be loved, with deeds and words; if there is infidelity, is that they don´t love you. No one who works in a company will give to another company its confidences; any person understands that there is a business ethics, and there is!, as there is it also in the love, in the friendship, in all the human relationships. And to be good and do the good thing and the right thing to come to the success, is to forgive and sometimes deny the opportunity to “start again”. I speak in general terms, because everyone knows what forgives, who forgives and who wants to his side for to share that success, that success that will not be possible if you have people that make you suffer continuously. You must choose, or your success or the triumph of others.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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