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Advice 38 – The success resides in you

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Talk of the mirror, yes, of the mirror, of you look at you in the mirror, to see you. If God had wanted that people, we, see us from outside, He had given to us some qualities for this purpose, but we can only see ourselves to chunks and totally inside. If one entertains inquire into himself, in contemplate himself in the light of what you want to reach be. No matter what we lack for success, the important thing is to know how to have success, and the success resides in you, be how you are physically. The passing of time leaves signals in our body, so it is difficult to believe that one succeeds in how he´s physically, and if you look yourself too much, you begin to compare yourself to others, and that is not good for anyone who wants to be good and do the correct thing. Get off mirrors!, and you are welcome to the examination of conscience. That will be a point of support for that you can perfect yourself in the search of your success, in the personal fulfillment, each time giving you more of yourself to the others, althought they play a trick on you, they criticize you, they scorn you, they mock you, they slander you and they tell all sorts of evil against you. Don’t entertain yourself very much in your physique, you can look at you in the mirror to see you, of course!, but watch yourself from within. And who is happy inside; always looks himself good. Who is happy with his job, with to be how he is, he looks himself good and he take care of himself better because he is happy with himself. So if you want to change something of your outside, do it, helping you with your goodness, with to be good and resisting to return evil for evil, or give evil for to have bad mood or to have a bad temptation. Always resist the evil thing, the evil. Don’t want to know anything of the evil thing, and about those who do evil, don’t go with them!, because they will move you away from your success and you will be only part of their triumph. You, to your thing, to your success!, yours!, that it will always be something good for yourself and others, because of the good thing, only go out the good. The mirror that you need is a good clear conscience; is to know what is good and what is bad, and freely choose and with winner willpower, always to do the good and only the good; because you are the best, the best who can decide to do the good thing in yourself and with you, surround yourself with the success, which is the good thing that there is in the life, in who are good people, like you want to be, and there is!, because many, more frequent, there are people that get tired of triumph and want the success. Your success; to be good, the more the better, for honour.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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