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Advice 39 – The honour is a privilege of the success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Let’s talk about the honour. It is not gone out of fashion!, successful people are people with a high degree of honour, they are people in whom you can trust, to be associated, fight together for mutual success. They don’t cheat or lie to you, there is a subtle difference between cheat and lie; oneself can be cheating, but never oneself can lie to himself, because he knows the truth, he really knows what it is, and if he lie, cheat. One can cheat himself believing see a truth where there is lie, because one doesn’t see the whole set, all what there is, in full, therefore, the information and training will help you to doesn’t cheat yourself neither lie. You need to have honour, to be a person of whom everybody, although because of envy speak bad of you, will know within themselves that you are what you appear, what you say and what you demonstrate. Too many people there are that look good and they aren’t lambs. Honour is the moral dignity of do the good and only the good, moving away from the evil and living coherently between what you say and what you do. There are people like that, that others listen with good grace everything they say, and ask them for advice and come to their help, because for triumph you have to have honour. The honour is a privilege, the high degree of a dignity, verified in the authenticity of to be a person with moral dignity; those people are who move away from the evil and always do the good, without looking at whom, that is, they are good because they want to be it, by their own success to win the evil that there is in everyone, and is gained doing the good. I wish to you to be a person of honour, this gives more personal satisfaction than any prize or award that can receive who triumphs. Only who has success, only he has honour, he lives with honour. I wish to you that others say of you: “He is a person of honour.” Go success!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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