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Advice 4 – What do you have to begin with?

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: You know what you want and you still have not started to build your dream in real and concrete facts. Begin to appreciate what you have, what you have to begin with?… Start with this, and pray, pray for God to give you more, but start. Don´t doubt about God, doubt about you if you want, but don´t ever doubt about God, He is Almighty! Take a look at the world, everything you see, yourself!, and don´t tell me that yours is more complicated than what you see and that God has created. You See!?, cheer up, your partner, God, and you, are going to get it, but He, God, needs of you, for make with you that you want. Not dedicate yourself fully to your wish, if you haven´t got money to continue living, to survive, while God doesn´t make real your prayers to Him. God needs time to fit into your life, into your reality, this new change that you want have. Don´t doubt about the power of God! Don´t doubt his love for you!, He loves you, be like you are, be like you’ve been, and He wants to help you with everything good that you wish and want. Don´t hesitate it!, cling to faith, because faith is this: to believe that God can make your wishes possible. And He do, if you ask it, but ask!, start now, come on, start now; and if you doubt, ask God to help you in your doubt, to believe, to start. You have got a partner who is God, don´t ever forget. And for the moment, continue with your daily life, survive!, to achieve your success.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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