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Advice 41 – The Eternal success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Is not the same thing what is yours and what is of the others. You can and must decide in your life, and everyone decides on his own, like it or not!; look for people that in their life decide what is best for themselves, which is do the good and the good thing, the right, the faithful fulfillment of the duty. Those people, who will be with you and feed your joy with their works, done to you and others, with peace and charity, there are, there are! And you will find them if it is your ardent desire, if you decide on your heart to find them, if you not settle for less, are people who you need to form a business partnership, or employees for your business, or good friends to enjoy the life, or a single person for you, to make your spouse, and definitely form the ideal family and of success, personal success of each of the spouses, and always doing the good, and always fulfilling with the duty of state and the individual vocation of desire, want to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, that Paradise Lost, that exists!, and is the success, in capital letters, that every one can get if you want. God doesn´t ban it to nobody, indeed, God gives it to everyone, everyone of us can have it. I want to go to the Paradise!, that place that is the real place where God wanted us to live, where the success is perpetual and full, so I don’t mind working hard, to make an effort and abandon what apart me from the place where really God assigned me: the Garden of Eden. You have to have a goal, a hope, and live for it, and there is no greater success than Eternal Success, which never ends, never finishes, the life after this earthly life, the life without end of the Grace, where, thanks to Jesus, God, can go everybody who wants, and you, although you made many ​​mistakes in your life, although your imperfection is much, from now on, you can work for this reality that awaits us if we want, because the success is free, who wants it have it, is gained with faith, with to believe and to ask, with to trust and always to give the good with charity. Success is to your reach, because it’s yours, you have it, by what you want in your heart and what you ask God, with all your soul, always doing the good, the right thing, the just thing, the duty fulfilled! Who fulfills his duty, with charity, he succeeds, and nobody can take it away, because he knows, he feels that he is good with himself, because God and he are one. We live in this world to will go to the world of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, forever, and here is already where we are associated with God and we’re living in Him and with Him, and God gives us the success, the peace, the joy of to live, doing the good, the good thing, the right thing, the fulfillment of the duty; this really is the joy that no one can ever take away! which in all you do the best, you give the best, be the best!; what satisfaction there is in holiness!, we are all called to be saints, to excel ourselves and do the right thing, the more and the best that we can in everything, and this is success, although depending of the momentary results, because sometimes it seems that we lose, but whoever lives doing the good and the correct thing, giving the best of himself!, he always succeeds. You will succeed when you decide to overcome yourself in the mediocre thing and the bad thing you could do, and fighting with yourself, do the good, the right thing, the perfect thing! To be holy, to succeed because of to love both God, yourself and others, that you don’t want give anything bad of yourself, for love, for dignity, just because, because you can have success; the success is given by God; be humble and ask God to be better and to give the good and to do the good thing, you can!, you can succeed with God, even there where you failed before, because God makes all things new and all people. You, you’re a successful person. Get on with it!, live your success and spread your success, which is to be what you want to be and do, but always united to God and being all your wishes good, and for to be better and to serve others, serving yourself with this dignity of who knows that does the right thing, and that whatever happens, although others triumph, success is always yours, for trying it and because you also will triumph; because is logical, that who gives, receives, and if you give the best of yourself, you will receive the best of the life. The main enemy for your success, is yourself, because if you let desist or overcome, and you don´t give all the good thing and the good that you can do, then you know, you will know that you don’t deserve the success. The success is only for the best people, those who do better themselves every day. You, with the help of God and the Virgin Mary, you can be best and give the best of yourself every day, and this is your success.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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