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Advice 42 – The success of the seed

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: If others say that you can not, they lie!, you can do what you want to do, doing it well. You can decide to get married, start a business, serve others, with the best of you. Nobody can stop you from being yourself , because God made you this way you are, and being like you´re, this way you are, you may desire, want and go search your success, because the success is yours, and God gives it to you if you ask to Him and you work to reach your goal. Make plans, first, let me tell you my friend, that you can do what you want to do, that you can be what you want to be, whenever you go to the essence of the life, to God, and joining with Him, with all your desire!, and in the privacy of your heart, you ask to Him, you open your heart to Him and tell him what you want to do or to be. And if you don’ t know, because others have said that you’re useless, that you’re worth little, that you’re not going to get anything in this life, let me tell you, my friend, that you, like me, you can, we can have success and enjoy it and spread it, helping others to seek in this life the best that each one wants to have, because we can, we can have what we want, if we know what we want, if we join with God in prayer and grace, and we ask it to Him, if we do plans and we work hard for get it, because nobody give nothing free in this world, nor God, or He give it to you for your faith, via miracles, or by the works of your faith, which is to work and train you, and make of yourself an instrument for what you want to get; if you want to be a good businessman, then, to this!, if you want to be a good professional, then don’t haggle efforts and learn, be the best in your profession because you can and must be!, you have information at your fingertips, information that will train you and will get you out of you the best of yourself, in what you decide to serve the world, and thus, receive your success, because you receive the success of what you give; for this reason I always tell you that the success is yours; you’re the owner of your success, you’re the one that makes your own success, because success does not come from because of the others tell you, that there are those who say that yes, that you can get it, and others will say no, that you can not get it, and the important thing is what you tell yourself, if you can or not you get it with the help of God, who helps to all and always helped to all. Jesus, God, said: “What do you want from me?”. Say it to Him!, say to God what you want to have, what you want to be, and He will give you it, and with Him, you will be. But don’t put neither day nor hour to God’s plan, but cooperate with Him, with God and with your plan, that you’ve offered to Him in prayer, and put to work hard, because it is hard to be seed and die buried in earth and get out of you the plant that will give roots and stem, and will go up through the skies of his earthly glory, of to give leaves and fruit. You will have your success, as it has the seed of each species planted in the earth and passes through the process of to arrive to fulfill with their duty: the natural law. You have a natural law to accomplish: serve.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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