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Advice 44 – Means for your Success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: My friend, maybe you have very clear what you want that will be the goal of your success, but you don’t know how to make your wishes come true; maybe you want money, a successful life, but you don’t know how to obtain it, with which means. Maybe you want a successful life in the peace and the happiness of a family, but you don’t know how achieve it. Maybe you see yourself able to give more of yourself in an artistic activity, but you have no idea how to get success in it. I’ll tell you, turn to God, who knows everything, and tell Him what you want, and ask him to guide you to achieve success in it that you want so much. And you will see how God will inspire you thoughts in which you will find what you lack, the means, how to do it for obtain your success. God knows you and He knows who you are and what you need to reach your desired goal, and God, being God, knows everything about everyone and everything, and He will made you to step out and that the Divine Providence governs your life. If you tell God your desires, that goal you want to achieve and you don’t know how to obtain it, be forewarned, keep watch, be alert!, because God Holy Spirit will guide you in the right direction to see your desire done; I don’t say everything will be easy for you, it will not be!, because all good, to be achieved, has to fight with much evil that it will find. You, be alert, because God will permit that some people give you what tracks about how you must do to reach your success; maybe you must read a lot, study, ask, learn, associate with a person of talent who wants your same success; maybe you will need contacts, friends or clients, perhaps, very sure, you will need to know people, and those people, willingly or unwillingly, they will take you to your dream, to realize that dream of prosper, to reach be, to have, what you want. Never give up, and on your way, always and only, do the good, the good thing and the right thing, never move out of the way from your duty; that is the first, do what you have to do, for what you are and where you are now, and all will come from the hand of Divine Providence. Who wants success, he must work, fight, be persistent to achieve it; I don’t say that you should wait, because wait seems to do nothing; and that can never be done, be without doing anything, always, always, you must fight and move, either studying, perfecting the work that you want to do and be successful at it, perhaps you should be employee first, before being owner. Have peace and the security that if you let God guide you, He will do. You, be alert! and keep watch, and use the ears and the eyes for your own surveillance, because God will bring you tracks, opportunities because with them you will get that so important to you, your success!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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