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Advice 45 – Plan your life

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Success is accessible to all, but very few have it, for that reason not to do what the vast majority do, those who haven’t success; they watch television and magazines tailored-made for them, in order to entertain and not think, because on the act of thinking there is the scoop of wanting to prosper ethically in this life. Money for money, will never give you success, only money, and the money is not success, the money is only money; success is yours, and money although it be yours, you can lose it, people can steal it, you can mislay it, waste it or invest it, it can disappear in a world crisis or personal crisis, but success WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN YOU, because YOU’RE the success. In other words, you with your way of being, with your character, with your deeds, doing the good, the right thing, the correct thing, the faithful fulfillment of your duty; that force of YOUR DEEDS, NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY, BROKE IT OR STEAL IT OR LOSE IT!; people can weaken you sometime, especially when the people that you love, they don’t love you, but you will never be alone if you have got yourself, because you and only you are your success, if you united with God make an union in your heart, a partnership with Him, to have your success, the success of be the best, the success of give the best of you in every moment, in every situation, in order that people say that you are a man of honor. If you want to have success, don’t do what the other people do; you, prepare a plan of life, be your own coach and prepare yourself for your goals; if you want to have your own business, devote yourself to know about it; if you want to be a good lawyer, that all the law and all the cunning be present in your mind; if you want to have a company, first of all, love people, because work, have workers, is like having sons, to those who you must serve and get the best of them, for the good of your customers, setting a good example to your suppliers. If you want a happy home, don’t search some random spouse, he/she must be like you in his/her wishes and goals, to do an indissoluble bond, fighting together and united, always for your good and for the good of your children. If you want to have good friends, the same!, choose people with ideals and not common and vulgar, people that you admire in something, those who, when shake hands with you, not be for devastate you, but to elevate you with their own and good life experiences; to have friends to not be alone, will lead you to the moral and spiritual ruin, if you don’t know to choose between good and evil; and I tell you the same in the family; is good to have good family relationships, is pleased to talk with relatives and feel united by blood; be always good with the people of your family, although they don’t be good with you; you NEVER give back evil for evil with they, because this evil will also affect your loved ones, because you’re family. You can plan all this, you can enjoy of plan your life, let us say, as if you were a machine, and sorry for the comparison, because you are not a machine, I’m not a machine!, but imagine your body like that craft, that vehicle that carries through the life, that thing that you’re also: blessed soul, because God Loves you, and for Love and with Love He created you and He takes care of you, and He wants that you do a good human career in the earth, that you have many triumphs, because is good, if you triumph having success. Plan, enjoy of planning your route, this route that with your body you will give to your soul, that wants to live and to show ALL THAT IT CAN GIVE; because you can give a lot more of yourself, but perhaps you don’t know it right now, you have not heard, because maybe, you’ve spent most of your life watching television, looking what other people do, and forgetting to live your own life, to do what you want to do, that for sure ISN’T looking what the other people do; that will never give you your success, because isn’t yours what do the other people, be the good or the evil, and not just on television abounds the good, rather it shows the evil that others do, because few know how to succeed, how to be better and how to hold the talents that God gives to all of us; yes, also to you. I encourage you to choose the television programming, to have willpower to schedule your life and to have the success you deserve, which is awaiting that you decide to have it. God gives it to you, if you want! Do you want your success?”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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