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Advice 46 – To love is share your success

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: I want you to prepare yourself for a big truth that is possible that happens to you, and that happens a lot of times, and it’s that, the person you love doesn’t love you, or she/he loved you some time, and then, for her/his words and deeds, she/he stops loving you, and besides that, she/he demonstrates and shows with her/his deeds and words that she/he loves another person who is not you; and I don’t talk only about romantic love, I also talk about the love of parents or brothers, or friends, or spouse, or children. Many people don’t know what they do, or what they say when they declare their love, now I’m talking about romantic love, and I tell you, that many people are driven by passion, and what they love is the sensation they feel when they are near you, until they don’t feel it more, because of habit, and then, they go into the unknown, to love another person who is different, and who make her/him feel “butterflies in the stomach” at that moment, as happened with you, but this is a physical sensation, only physical, and what is physical die; the physical, united to the spiritual, to the soul, that: “I love you with all my soul”, that doesn’t die, nor will it ever die, because the soul doesn’t die; it lives and it will live eternally, now in the earth, then in the Afterlife. I want that you know that, it could be that you suffer for love, that you will be, very surely, despised by a loved one; and I want you to know that, even if that hurts you, it has little to do with you, because what fail are HER/HIS feelings, not yours; because you must be faithful, if you want to succeed, and in order to be faithful, you have to plan to whom you give your affections, to whom you let enter in your heart; look at her/his acts! and bear in mind not only her/his words of sorrow, because people, when they search love desperately, because also, someone has betrayed her/his heart, they are looking for someone to love, because of their need for affection, and not because of their greatness of spirit, to love is to give the best of yourself, is to give your success, to share it; that’s why Jesus commanded us to serve everyone for love, but only the great souls arrive at this point of saint evolution, perfect evolution, in which the soul dominates the body, and the body doesn’t lead the soul in directions and among storms. Already on this earth there is a big road, where the people of great spirit advance along the motorway of giving, and of give themselves, of give themselves without selling themselves, but being always God Himself, their owner. And others, are those like him/her, to which he/she takes care of, as himself/herself in their own situations of poverty, situations of disease, circumstance of sin, encouraging them by his/her good example of success. My dear friend: People need you!, I myself need you, in order to giving your very best, you make, with your success, a more livable world for love, for goodness, for those who want to succeed, like you and me, and we propagate loud and clear the love for God and neighbor. We can, you and me, and all, we can!, and we will succeed, day by day, as long as we are able to love and to give our best, to do good to all, TO EVERYONE, because we know and accept the good that God, Christ, gave us and gives us, because each day He is in the Eucharist, and in the Communion with Jesus, God, you will always receive ALL HIS LOVE, ALL HIS PEACE, personal and universal joy!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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