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Advice 47 – The success of the accepted cross

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: When someone feels happiness in oneself, he/she spreads it, he/she can’t hide it; it’s what change the world!, your happiness, and yours, and yours, and yours, and mine, and that one’s happiness, and another one’s happiness; that happiness of those who are successful and enjoy their success, and life in it and spread it, helping everyone with their example and in everything that they can do, as I share with you, my dear friend, mi success, to know how obtain it, how to keep it, and, above all, spread it and enjoy it with everyone. You enjoy my success when you read me, when you listen what I tell you, what I know for my faith, for my life experience and for my own thoughts, that I share with you in order that you listen it, analyze it and try it, if you want; and if you do it, you will see that your success will be displayed and you will obtain benefits, you will have triumphs, and your success will arrive with the exercise of give the best of yourself, because you have great qualities that perhaps no one has seen in you yet, but I assure you that you have them, and that you can get them from yourself, and you can make a success of your life, if you want, if you have willpower and own-Love, which is not the typical self-esteem, but that the own-Love, is to love yourself, and get the best of yourself, with your own strengths, because you don’t need anyone else but yourself, your willpower and God, that you already know since always that He loves you and that He will help you if you ask it to Him; because the religion is something more than dogmas, that also it is, but those same dogmas lead you to perfection, to realization of get the best of yourself, and be good and do good… but, do you know the power that a good person has got for himself/herself?, he/she is invincible; because, as we well know, good always wins over evil, although it loses some battles, although it has some temporary defeat, and others obtain their triumph at the expense of you, by sinking you, by taking what is yours, what belongs to you in earth, but never, never! no one will ever be able to take you what you have in your soul; some people may try to destroy your heart, indeed, with betrayals and traps, and you will suffer, but if you never return evil for evil, if you understand that “no matter what they do! And their evil”, then you will understand how Jesus accepted to carry with His Cross; He accepted it because people put it to Him, they catch Him, they take Him, they beat Him and they crucify Him, but Jesus always showed us His success, that own-Love, of accepting the circumstances without a word of protest, and carrying His cross to Calvary, doing always good, without insulting anyone, without complaining, exercising of God, forgiving the good thief, who, tormented, he was also crucified beside Him; and you, you, must do the same, my dear friend, you must carry your cross like Jesus carried it, because there are crosses that cannot be removed, there are some moments in the life, that you must suffer, yes or yes; sometimes is for hours, or seasons, or is already definitively because the disease leads to death, because in some way we must go out from here, in order to go to Love, to God, Who loves us and created us, and where we will live forever, if we have faith in Him, and we proclaim His name: Jesus!, giving praise to God, God One and Triune, because the history tell us, speaks us about His Love, that Loved us, Loves us and will Love us; and you’re that who God Loves, yes, you, you that now, you look yourself, maybe you see yourself without success and maybe you have not hope, and I tell you, that although you would have one second of life, only with one second, God can give you the success of going to Heaven with Him!, if you repent of all the evil that you have done, willingly or unwillingly, and you tell Him: “Yes, Jesus, my God, now I want to live for You”. And, you’re done!, you already succeed, because I assure you that you will spend the rest of your life, either on this earth or in the Afterlife, with Divine Trinity, one God; and, can you imagine what is that?, is the happiness, the joy, to receive LOVE in abundance!, the best love, the God’s Love, because in God there is all good and He is the Supreme Good, and yes, He Loves you, you, you in particular, and God wants to live with you in order to love you, to give you that Love which is life and life in abundance, of all what is good and you want, because God is the owner of all; all is His, you’re His, but He leaves you free, just because, those are His wonderful rules, that you be free in order to be able to enjoy your success, that is good and do good and the correct thing, always fulfilling your duty. It’s something big that you, you, can decide what to do with what you do, with what you say, with what you think. You’re free, my dear friend!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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