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Advice 48 – The joy of doing the good to the evil

“Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Help yourself, only you can help yourself, only you can enjoy yourself and you do it when you fight freely and willingly against evil, against the bad temptation that we all have of not doing the correct thing, thinking that we will avoid problems, that we will arrive sooner to the goal of triumph; and, what poor is the triumph, selling your soul to the devil!; you’re free, free to enjoy doing good. Anyone who has ever done a good deed, knows what it feels like, knows that he/she can fly, and that he/she flies, and knows that there is no greater enjoyment than the feeling of being the best, without lies or cheating, because you’re, because you can be the best if you prepare yourself, you can be the best if you live for give the best of yourself. I want you to bring out the best of yourself, give the best of yourself at all times and to everybody, just because!, because you can do it and you do it; you prove to yourself that you do it, it’s something wonderful this experience!; try it, try to give the best of yourself. It’s even more wonderful experience doing good to whom gives you bad; you suffer very much because you dominate yourself, and you feel that your instincts want revenge, but you dominate them, like the rider dominates the horse he rides and that he has spurred in order to make him run faster, and that is what has happened, this person who has given you evil, has spurred your horse, and from that evil, you will be able to run faster, you will have more strength, if, taking the reins, you dominate anger, resentment, rage, hatred, revenge, which are human feelings that are there to be dominated by you, to be used by you, in order to be launched in search of YOUR SUCCESS; and you will get it, because you will govern your domains and you will decide: that no one will make you leave the route!, neither anything, nor the loss of a loved one, nor the loss of a property… Nothing can, nor should, make you change the plans that have you made of doing good, the correct thing, the good thing, the fulfillment of your duty!, simply, because you, you, you’ve decided it, and you are who order yourself. As I tell you, you’ll suffer in this fight, but I assure you, that if you are able to dominate yourself and do not allow do any evil neither complain before anyone, only before God Who is in the Tabernacle and in the Communion, then my dear friend, after this fight that you have to pass, you will receive the most sublime of the satisfactions, the wonderful sensation of POWER, your power to overcome yourself in the good. Some people experience this, but in reverse, the power to do evil; because is easy do evil, a slander, a denial of giving something good that you can give, a scorn, a mistreatment, through word or deed… and this person can feel the power in the moment that he/she sees that hurts another person, but it’s only a moment, because the other person will not be all the life looking what he/she does, because the other person will shake the dust of his/her memories and he/she will move forward in his/her life, because it’s a law of life to survive. But the joy of doing good to evil, that is to say, of not to return evil for evil, but to dominate your evil, which you could do it, because it’s easy to do evil, you do it insulting, then, see how easy is to do evil, or when you complain you do evil, because, pay attention, when you complain you always say, proclaim the bad thing of others, the evil of others. Don’t complain, but you also have the duty to warn others of an evil that the same person who has done it to you, can make to them, that’s another thing, but, to complain bitterly, that’s not good for you, because that makes your life bitter; instead, if you tell to yourself: “I will not do the same thing that people have done to me, because I don’t want, because I have decided to do good and the correct thing, because I am what I want to be, and I want to be the best, to give the best of myself, because I have decided that, and I do it and I will do it, just because, because I want to do a better world and I intend to be better, and to be an example, because is good that exist good examples, and I am it, and I will be it, because I can be it and I have decided to be it, I have chosen the path of good, of the good thing, the correct thing, the true thing; fulfilling with my duty of human person, that I can be what I want to be, because I’m free, and I have the power of my soul, which God has given me, and I accept His help, of God, praying, and asking Him for consolation and willpower to not return evil for evil”. And then the peace comes, a sweet peace, full of goodness, that brings you closer to the holiness, and you feel that there is an upper world, not precisely of the extraterrestrials, but your inner world, of having the wisdom of putting into practice the forgiveness.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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