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Advice 49- Fly high

“Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Forgiveness is nothing other than accepting the freedom of others and being good, doing the good and the right thing, understanding that not everyone knows how to do it and don’t want to do it. There are those who are tempted and fall, and his pride and arrogance, makes him a loser, “a worm!”, when he/she can be a bright person and full of light, like the Angels of God, that living only for God, always do all that God expects of them, and they, fulfilling their duty, dedicate themselves to serving us; they, the Angels of God, much better than we, more perfect than we, humbly dedicate all their life to serve us. God has not left us alone in life, He has put us into the world, giving us the soul, what we are and we will be!, and putting us into this vehicle, which is the body, at the optimum moment of a carnal union between a man and a woman who, uniting sexually, could, by appropriate physical conditions, give us that body that the soul needed to walk a few years here, in the earth, in order to demonstrate us and demonstrate to God, that we take into account the qualities He gave us, the talents that He gives to all of us, and that with them we can do, have, our success, that of being perfect; and perfection is in doing good, and what’s good, what’s correct, in the faithful fulfillment of our duty. And for our help, each one has his guardian angel, whom you can ask for help, help for whatever good you need, even to wake up you at a certain time, even to protect you from the devil; that you know well that they are fallen angels, angels who did not want to serve us, because they consider us inferior; that was the struggle between them, the angels, some did not want to serve us, and others wanted, but you need to know that in this earthly world too, there are, exist, are living here, beside you, beside all of us, evil angels and angels of God; so do not go to seers, or wizards, because all those people can lead you into chaos, and how will you get out of there?… you can never request someone love you by force; how are you going to want someone to love you by force, by means of hexes?; you have dignity and good qualities and other person can love you for yourself. And how are you going to get lucky in business and prosper and have money, without working, without giving you the best; hoping to receive it just because, by hexes, or wanting that others lose so you win?; how can you pretend to have, by taking away the freedom of others, when you can build your own success yourself? The world is full of wealth; how much is waiting that you decide to do something good with it!; perhaps to discover a new drug, perhaps to better distribute resources, perhaps to make the earth produce new sources of energy, products… you can do all the good thing and the good that you want to do, with no need of anyone but yourself, your will in the freedom to join God, the Owner and Lord of the world, praying in the name of Jesus, who is God, so that you can reach your wishes, that which you want in your heart and not only in your mind, but you want it ardently, because it is a good thing. All that is wrong, cast it out of you!, throw it away of your body, don’t allow anything bad to disturb your happiness, of being powerful to do good, and what’s good, what’s correct; of flying high, how much higher better!, by your capacity to be great, by doing good, and what’s good, what’s correct, what you get out of yourself, and you can do it just because. The experience of doing the good, of being good, of giving good for evil and for good, is an experience that I wish you, because it is fascinating to feel this sensation of pure freedom, of flying to the maximum of your potencies, and see in the eyes of others, who look at you with gratitude, giving you the approval, all those who suffer and are relieved by you, and are comforted by you, only to see that you are capable of doing good, and what’s good, what’s correct, fulfill your duty, when others have crushed them with their wickedness, they have made them sick, destroying them, either with words or deeds; but you, you heal their heart, only being good and doing the good. And although others may also criticize you, because they are unable to imitate you, to imitate the one you imitate, Jesus Christ, God the Son, the Word, the Seal, who gives salvation to all, if they want; because if you want, besides of being able to receive God Himself in Communion, you can be saved, you can be sealed with the Seal of God Holy Spirit, who fights battles for you, because while you are doing good, and what’s good, He fights against the demons and all the malign that is in this world, and He protects you, in order that you be happy and you be able to do good, and what’s good, what’s correct, although sometimes you lose things or people, but you will never LOSE YOURSELF, and as long as you have yourself, you can start again and again, and replace the lost thing with something better, because experience will serve you to have wisdom and face the truth, that not everyone wants to be successful, but conform to the triumph, because they don’t know how to “fly,” they don’t know how to be good and do the good. You must have charity with them, because I tell you seriously, they don’t know, because if they knew, NONE would be doing evil and the bad thing, being able to enjoy the delights and joys, the wonders of doing good, and what’s correct. Have compassion for the bad ones, because they have not yet found good examples, or some people have told them that the way to triumph is to sell themselves, and to sell yourself is to surrender, to be a product, merchandise for others; and you are not a product, you are unique, and the unique thing is a work of art, because, seek and you will see, that nobody is equal to you, only you are you. Do You see?”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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