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Advice 5 – How do what you want

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: You know what you want, but don´t know how to do it; you have two options, or learn, or associate with those who know. But equally, you have to learn of what you want; if you don´t learn it, if you don´t know it well, you will not love it; and without love, love of things, since where do you think that you can arrive? In you there is capacity to love things and people, so as to know them and serve them, and make with them a better world, the world of the possible, the world of dreams come true. But study, learn your things, learn what is your wish, know it!, enjoy yourself to know everything relating to what you want to do, or be, or have. Put in your Internet browser’s the word-s that are relating to your wish, and learn of it, have information of it. And if you need to study, do it!, it pays to take time to know how is your wish, because it´s yours, you have obtained it by your imagination, that has made you think in that you want, and you have dreamed it, and you have wished and you have prayed to God for it, and you have prepared as a person to be receiver of all that required, in order that you, as a person and as a professional, can access to it. In the 200 messages that I’ve made ​​and you have already known, in them is the basis of all success; if you fail in any of them, your success will fail, because the real and lasting success, you will get for your faith and prayer, for your work and professionality and for the charity on your way to work, charity that begins by yourself. Be person, that person that God wants that each of us to be, a good person with herself and others. All you have got explained in the 200 messages that I have already given you. You know already it; then, you should learn now about your desire, know it!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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