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Advice 50 – A better world

“Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Time has come, the moment, of a generation that is successful; the vulnerable generation of relativism has passed; it is time to make a better world, to know good and evil, to confront them and to do personal justice, and the sentence will be a new personality, that of having your success while you are looking for the best for you, out of you, and with it receive an exchange: money, for your good work; love, for your good love; health, to take good care of you; friends, for being a good friend… and thus all you want, because yourself have your own intimate life with God and your own personal relationship with Him, and it is what makes the difference. You are different, insofar as, ask God what you want, work well to obtain it, have patience and goodness to wait for it; and while you wait, you have the personal success of honor, of being a person of honor, honorable, because this success is instantaneous; the one that you behave well, the one that you decide to have a life where the honor is for you a way of living, in the moral, in that moral dignity, where the wisdom is that governs your way of life, where you rule over yourself, never imposing on others, but helping them in all you can, to do good and what is good. They, all those who come into contact with you, receive from you, see in you, this honor that emanates from all your person, because you do not enter into relativistic polemics, you know well what is good and what is evil, and you turn away from evil and value good, and do good and what is good. We are at the gates of making a better world, and any extraterrestrials will give it to us with new philosophies or wisdom, but we ourselves can and will make this new world, only by changing ourselves; it is not even necessary that we gather, because it is God who unites us all, by praying each one to Him and asking Him the good longings of his heart. It is God who creates a spiritual bond, and we recognize ourselves as soon as we see ourselves, to see the works and words of our faith; by our way of dressing, decent, without inciting to sensual and sexual passions, which exist and serve for the delight of sacramental conjugal love; and is good, and do good; and it is romantic, to know that our fathers have begotten us, in moments of their merging in love, love that gave fruit: us. We have, or would have, to have, and may the new generations have, the prestige, the high honor of being born of  love. I was born of love, my parents loved each other and loved me, and God blessed me, being a desired daughter, loved, cared for, valued; to know that I am the fruit of the love of my parents, that moves me, and I can do nothing but love them, honor them, bless them, and be happy with them; because I was born in perfect human conditions: LOVE. And so, the new generation, must give life to their children, for the marvelous union of love between the spouses, who thus beget a son, for being man and woman, for being male and female, and the grace of femininity, united with the strength of the man, achieves, by the grace of God, to have a son of the two. That’s marvellous!; life continues, and the child represents the love with which marriage love one another. In this new world of wisdom, no one will do wrong, everyone will do good and what is good, what is correct, because they will enjoy all this, all the good they can create. Everyone is an artist, he is a creator of the works he does, of the words he says, of doing what he wants to do and does.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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