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Advice 51 – Blood ties

“Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: It is necessary that, in order to succeed, you know how to live poverty; because you have to save, you can not waste, even if it is lawful, all the capital that enters you; you have to have an income plan, expenses plan and savings plan; I do not tell you, as many say, that you must give money out of charity, because if you are beginning to work out your future, the first one who needs your money is you; but I do tell you to do something for others, something out of you, that is more fruitful than giving money; you can visit the sick people, children, the elderly, you can write letters to them, that no one sends them, in hand, because first charity is HOPE; If you know how to give hope, you will have hope, and it will keep you in shape. Never forget your family, look in your family who needs company, perhaps your grandparents, or your parents, perhaps your brothers, cousins, uncles, or children… Start helping your family, especially your family; even if they do not want to, you can help them without their knowing it, enduring their criticism, enduring their bad mood; there are so many things you can do for the family!, and it is important that you do it, because the blood ties exist, there is really a blood bond, by which the descendants receive what the ancestors have done. So try your success not neglecting the family; you have to be salt, that’s true! And you have to be light, that’s also true. To thrive on your success, you will have to make some behavioral adjustments that perhaps nobody has taught you, but that are of the purest logic to be a prosperous human being. And when you have money, because you will have it, then you must give something to others, starting with the family, for their well-being, because if your family is well, you will be well, because you are part of the same blood. How much money should you give? That depends, because there will be seasons that your family will need more of you, because, for example, someone in your family is suffering from lack of work or illness; then he/she will need a quantity; give him/her what you can and what you want; you know well that you have your own personal connection with God, then, with Him you decide it; and if you are married, consult it with your spouse, not for charity, put enmity in your house; for this reason, choose to marry a person very similar to you, who believes in goodness, who practices charity. In theme of educating your children, they ALWAYS have to earn the weekly pay, because you teach them that life never gives anything for nothing, and you prepare them so that they do not have future disappointments, like those of the generation of capitalism; now it’s time to make a new world, a better world, the world of wisdom, which differentiates between good and evil, and your children must know how to fulfill their duty, the primary duty of taking care of themselves and taking care of their own, their person and things, like the people and things of the family; so teach your children that they receive, if they give, if they give the best of themselves, not only in the works but also in the words; they must start, as soon as possible, to respect others, to leave people, free, and in that freedom, to endure that, sometimes, people are tempted and are weak, and sometimes have a bad mood, or suffer from some heartbreak and make a bad face; then your children give their best face!, they have to learn what is mortification, because we are family people, we have not been born on an island; we are part of a home and we need each other, yes, because we are all part of the family, we are a family of blood and we must share the same destiny; therefore, it gives advantages to those who help others to be better, to do good and the correct thing, to do their duty, because there is a duty to do always, to get the best out of oneself, enduring the worst of others, because each one has the resistance of love, that love that each one receives from God in intimacy. Let’s make a happy family.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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