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Advice 6 – To trust God fully

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: We have to know that to trust God fully, empowers us, gives us the strong of faith, which is what do possible the success, in any area of ​​our live, not only financially successful, with the money, but In EVERYTHING, because we, you, each one, is limited, don´t has got the confidence in hisself about all subjetcs in which a person, to have real success, has to triumph; not only the money gives security, and therefore gives some peace, and by peace comes self-confidence and joy, is to say, happiness; but, what happens?, what happens to us if we don´t have success in health, in love, in human relationships?; is enough for us money, fame, power?, no. And nobody, neither you nor nobody else is so full that, by itself, can have confidence in a possible success in all. God is sure of Himself, God triumphed in all, passing through the suffering, that everyone, you, I, everyone, have to pass and we pass in life, although we have success or not, but united to God, to God who is Perfect, who is Almighty, you can have success in everything, IN EVERYTHING; because God triumphed, He had success, God is a winner!, and He can and want will help us in everything, not only in the faith, to give us the faith, to believe in Him, who is God and can do everything; because faith is this, believe in God and that He loves us and cares for us; faith isn´t believe in yourself, in that no one can believe, however much that you trust in yourself!; because if you believe in yourself, and your co-worker believes in himself, to whom will give the top job at the same company for which both work, want, fight and have confidence that will be yours?; life’s experience tells us that faith in that ourselves is more confidence than faith, because we don´t have got all the power and all the control our and of others that is necessary for success, but God does, God knows each one of us, He connects with each one, He loves each one. Yes, to you too. So, I say to you that only in Him, in God, in Christ, we can have success, the success that can make us happy, the success of the inner peace, of know that we have done the right thing, for do always the good. Because you can triumph always doing the good without looking at who; indeed, is the only possible way to have success, yes.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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