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Advice 7 – The Truth, really

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: The Truth, really, only God knows. So, if some want to tell THEIR truth, you can be patient and listen they, and thus you help they to calm them, but be aware that what they say to you will be their truth, that may be they believe and may be that for they be this way, as they say, but the Truth, the true, only God knows, and you must go to Him in prayer to calm your mind of the “truths” that others have been told you, to know you Loved by God, and therefore, free of the “truths” of those who may believe that be the truth, but maybe it’s only THEIR truth. Like you, maybe you have YOUR truth, but to be successful, it is important the Truth that only God knows, and trusting Him, in act good for love to Him, who is Good and does good and always forgives us, and ALWAYS loves us, and taking us from his hand, leads to success, that as a good God and our Father who He is, wants that it will be us, of each one;because each one can have its success; we don´t need do evil thing for triumph, because there is a place in the world for each one; even for you, look it up!, trusting in God who knows the truth of everything and everyone, and knowing it, He loves us and wants give us the success, which is always conditioned on making the good, the right thing, at all times. Do not be afraid of the truth of others, you can hear them, knowing that the Truth is above all the “truths”, theirs, yours, of each one, because the Truth is One, and sets us free from all other truths that are spoken.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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