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Advice 9 – Do the good

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Suffer for not sin, suffer for always do the good and right, that’s what leads to success, because a good as is the success, doesn´t match, never, with an evil, as is the sin. Sin is don´t do things right, and then, if you do wrong it, you fail, for this reason not arrive the success. Sometimes we fail for the evil that others do to us, for we will not have success; for that we fail: because there is crisis (bad things that others have done), because you has been through an accident (where others have hurt us, deliberately or without wishing, or induced by others who have done bad the things; perhaps a mechanical failure …), or because we have taken a disease or someone has transmitted it to us, or not eating healthy, or not taking care of us properly with the hygiene and the rest, or with evil thoughts, uuuyyyy!, bad thoughts bring many diseases, and not only mental diseases, even to many take them to death. But you must to live, and for that you are doing things right and you do the correct thing, and for that reason you already are, let us say, “deprogramming” of the error in what you had been acting, and you have decided to do your best performance!, of do the things good, and not only good just because, but to offer them to God, who created you, as a demonstration of your gratitude, respect and love,because you know that God loves you, because you know that is his Love that nourishes your soul and help it, with this spiritual food, of be loved by God; it helps you to live the life with joy, the joy of faith, the joy of know that you are free and of act freely, no matter who despite, although be to your parents, to your children, to your spouse, to your boss, to your partners, your friends … you decide and you can decide; and in decide the right thing, by the faith, you are filled with joy, the joy of be perfect, for decide the perfect thing, that the perfect thing is the best for you and for all, that is to say: do the good, be good.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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