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Avisos para tener éxito

Advice 28 – True Love

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: In love as in war we must give everything for everything. Nothing about complicated strategies. Because the enemies come and assault the fortress and you can be left with nothing. Love is a feeling creator and wonderful. And who love in this way, really and sincere, don´t need undertake a war. Neither jealousy nor envy, neither silly questions like: how do you want me to be?, you and the other part must be how it is. Because in each person there is a wonderful human being if you know about taking care of your character, of your appearance and, above all, of the way and manner of using words. The passion ignited by the hatred, that is not love, like neither is misunderstood passion, which only wants carnal pleasure without the creator element that is the regulator and promoter of such love. Is to say: who does not want children, doesn´t love the other enough. Times ago, there was a long season in which the girls went crazy screaming to artists: “I want a son of yours!”. That was before capitalism made havoc in sentimental relations because in the end the feeling was shaped of money. And now, that there isn´t money, because of the global economic crisis, now, who truly loves?: few, because without money, much many believe to be deserve of this eternal love: this love that was sang by the minstrels in the town squares, inviting the maidens to get nice and beauty, to make the virtuous man get out of his shell where he was locked in his shell perplexed of anguish because he doesn’t know to decide who choose to put the ring on her finger. Then with the modern times, the singers who sang that eternal love came. And few men knew rightly to express this eternal love, and dedicated the song to the girl that they had wanted to sing if they would had a good voice and lack of shame. Then happened more things. One of them is that was discovered the contraceptive pill, and ended the romance in mass. And was passed to the consumerism of the body without, of course, the respect due to yourself that you must have. For be who is each one: a being similar to God Himself, to Jesus Christ! But true love, as I say to you: is creator, it needs to make a mark on the existence of this life, it needs to declare its love with the facts of its union, who are the children, the fruit of this love blessed by God.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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