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cómo tener éxito

100 Advices to succeed: Index

Introduction ADVICES – Live your success

“The successs can be found. You can go and search for it; fight for it and find it; acquire it, take care of it, protect it, and live into it. Success can be yours. I encourage you to decide, be prepared and work for have success. It is worthy because the success gives you happiness. It recognizes you as its owner and keeps you in faith. Look for the natural success of doing all the things right, getting away from evil. And supporting yourself in the Universal God in everything. My Friend! I believe in you. You can, if you want. Now I pass on the 100 advices I want to share with you to make you know. Because the information is power. You need the power of information and formation to have success in all your life. Let me walk with you the joy of living with success.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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