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Advice 52 – Know discern and wait

“Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: There are many who want money, want a partner, want a friend… they know what they want, but they DO NOT KNOW HOW WANT IT; and the first ticket, the first person that attracts them, the first human being who speaks to them, they believe is the way to earn money, the person chosen to share life, the friendship that will help them in fidelity, and they are deceived, because, as the popular saying goes; “Not all that glitters is gold”. So you have to know how you want to earn money, how you want to spend your time in the task of earning money, in what you want to give something from yourself in exchange for money, because there are many ways to receive money and not all are worthy, but there are very unworthy ways of accessing capital, because there are those who let themselves be used, and nobody has to use you, nor do you have to use others, but you have to give and receive, give with honor and receive with honor, with that moral dignity of being a person, of giving the best of you and wanting the best of another; the success is not in the medians, but in the total surrender of giving all the best you have, of all the good you can do, of all the goodness you can give, because you have that capacity within you, to be good and do good and correct thing; that of fulfilling the ten Commandments of the Law of God, those that regulate social and affective exchange, of communicating with others and receiving their communication, in the most perfect perfection, which is in the faithful fulfillment of the Law of God. There is nothing in it that what is not pleasing to others or to yourself. Difficult, I do not deny that it is difficult, and for someone, more, because perhaps they have not been taught, as children, to give the best from themselves, and they have now found, as adults, with many scorn and disgusts that, if there were they complied with the natural law and the Law of God, which is very well explained, would now succeed where they failed; but it is always spring time, to start a new life experience, that of forgiveness, to forgive himself and others, remembering, and knowing how to understand, that he were, in some things, ignorant of the Law, and by which, he did not fulfill, and in others, he was ignorant of that force that resides in goodness, in the desire to give the best of you to life, to others, that willpower to do good, to be good and accept evil and bad thing always facing the wind, even if there is a storm and tempest, because having the inner calm of knowing what you want to do, and doing the right thing, a typhoon can come, and you still stand before the rudder that keeps your soul from perdition, and allays your body from bad temptation, for believing in priorities, that it is better to give than to lose, and is lost when one keeps the strength of goodness, because no one can always resist the goodness of your duty to do good and the good thing, the correct thing to do your duty: be good. Decide how to succeed earning your money, how to succeed choosing the best spouse for you, how to succeed sharing the good and healthy friendship of giving yourself to others in fellowship; that good friendship is that fellowship of sincerity and forgiveness, which each one gives to the other, letting him be himself in himself, and feeding him to give the best from himself, for being a good friend; that a friend is not the same as a boyfriend, the friend leaves free, the boyfriend wants to be exclusive for you, he cannot share you because he wants to get to the wedding, to the total surrender of himself in the yes of both, before God, Who blesses the spouses and makes a sacrament of their mutual and free love, gived forever, in the faithfulness of a life with children, and mutual help to holiness; which is to be good to each other and both to God, to Whom they have promised an eternal love in both of them for God. And God blesses marriages that are able to live the faith, give hope and do all work with charity, so that the world will be better and so they have their success as a family, as a Domestic Church, where good and the good thing reign, doing the correct thing, which is to fulfill the duty of love and love one another, of give and giving to one another, of accepting to receive, and understanding and helping, and serving! Everything is possible in a family of faith, because where there are two, who are united in the good and the bad that life gives, they receive from God happiness in the moments of joy and mercy in the moments of pain; God Himself comforts the faults and mistakes that each one makes to the other, and the two to life itself, because God loves the intention and good desire of the heart of two spouses who live for each other, and both for the children, the parents of the two, family and friends, neighbors, partners, and all those who have the opportunity to meet, while they living and moving on this earth, where peace is achieved by fighting with oneself for the success of having better, by give the best and waiting fervently; be recipients and bearers of goodness, which always makes others happy. Even the wicked, who mock the goodness of the good people, notice their influence on them, and feel they want to destroy that goodness; that is why some who do not do good become friends with the good people to destroy them; therefore, you always have to choose how to serve, how you want to receive money or love or friendship, because happiness is in quality, rather than the accessible; so wait, if you don’t have money yet; do not get it badly, nor accept a love at first sight, or because there is nothing better in sight; you wait, because there is on this earth, a person similar to you, who looks for you, and if he is like you, he will wait to find you; therefore, do not hurry, but you must wait to find that ideal you have in mind, an attainable ideal, that is, a person similar to you, that you are attainable, that is, you live, you exist! And the same I tell you about friendship; it is good to have real friends, and time is primary in friendship; there is no good friendship if it have not passed the test of time. Every success you want is available, God gives it to you, but you must know to obtain it and value it, and know to discern the good from the bad; do not fall into the error of many, to confuse money with capital, neither love for only passion, nor friendship for companionship; there is a lot of difference; capital is currencies to buy, money is an exchange of goods, whether at work or merchandise; love is to love the person integrally: body and soul, character, personality and their circumstances and family, which is always the family included in the marriage; and sooner or later the brothers, parents and other families will come out to intercede in your lives; that is so, and if you want to be happy, keep that in mind, and make plans to give the best of yourself and protect yourself and your family from those who have not yet learned to always do good and good thing, the correct thing. And as for friendship, likewise, friendship is never sought; you can look for romantic love, but friendship is given by circumstances; nobody puts up a sign that says: “I want a friend, I am looking for friendship“, because in friendship, there has to be empathy and circumstances where you can deliver and receive time of mutual company. Love can be sought away from you and bring it closer with the circumstances of a good courtship, to know you and see the possibility of loving you. You don’t want to be friend of a boyfriend or friend of a girlfriend; there is no friendship in love, because there is a lot of passion and jealousy, if it is authentic; the love that leads you to promise before the altar mutual fidelity, is exclusive and does not go the way of being friends, but it have very clear that one is masculine and the other feminine, because conjugal love goes to the offspring, and always children are made by the union of two different sexes; that is why, if you love a person to take him/her to the altar, there is never friendship, love is another thing, love is more than friendship.

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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