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Advice 15- The great secret

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Because the success, although we say it in singular, if isn´t plural, is a poor success, that doesn´t give us no joy neither happiness, nor anything. Indeed, many have succeeded in something, and that same day they feel the most unsuccessful! So many. There are so many that for a successful day, sold his soul to the Devil, and never enjoy anything. Therefore, we will as usual, to good, to be good, to do right and perfect. A good knowledge of the topic you want to succeed, whether economic, whether in the physical, be in relationships with others, is the spiritual and above all, here I will tell you the great secret, which is that the successful you will get when your relationships with God are perfect, only then will you be successful in everything else. Some call it “Higher Mind”, another God, or “I” in capital letters, or the Supreme Being, or “He Who Is” … but Catholics have advantages, because we know your name walk the earth, and their name is Jesus Christ is the Messiah, they ALL knew that would come to this world to give the eager Paradise Peace and forming his Chosen People. All this has been and is written, well-well, not a secret, is the Truth of the Universe, Universal Truth, Catholic, God revealed to men and that, when the time came, God became man, and called Jesus. And if God could do this, and it did!, God himself can also do what you want and ask him and be good. And we have the Biblical experience of many people who asked themselves the impossible to do, as cured, and impossible for others, not cured, and God, where all failed, he won!, Read it in the Gospels, and live your faith and requests, wishes and requests. Dream!, And join forces with God. Try it, it’s not going to cost anything, is a partner who brings his own capital, and always gives his firm, because He loves you with all your Soul!, With all that is God. Join God and start again, if things have not gone well, as you wanted, or if you want to change for the better, join forces with him, with God, and go live your day to day, united forever, 24 hours a day with him because of this union have full and true success in all things God wants you to be happy at all with all, even with enemies next door, with the light failures and pitfalls of the wishing you fall, there hidden. And God, who sees in secret will give you success in the light of your kindness, for your wishes, ask for them, for prepare to get them, to bring them to life yourself, because it’s fun to work towards your success. Funny in the sense that all you are in full power when you fight for what you want, but what you want? … God expects you to tell him, and not in writing, but in intimate prayer, as a secret of yours with the Master, the Master of the World: the Triune God.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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