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Advice 29 – Your own business

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: This desire to have your own business, it’s for your desire to help others, to be helpful with what you know and have. And that’s good, very good and does good! God put within you the talents and the qualities, that you must to improve and use more and better, to give you to others through you or your business products or services of your profession. It’s good work, it occupy the hours and you enjoy life, delivering to others the best of you. Feel with wings, with those wings of good, of good thing, of your goodness to do your best work, your task, your profession, your vocation! Transmit to others what you feel inside of you, that desire of others see what you’re capable of, and that isn´t desire for key role; that is something natural that God has put within you, for this desire to show to you and demonstrate to others, to everyone, that you are good and you do the good, and all work out of your hands is like you, something good, helpful to others, need to make a better world, with more peace, with more development and therefore less pain and suffering. Be a trader, be a professional, be an artist, is natural in all being normal, but each one in his own way, with his way of be, his talents, conditions and circumstances that life has given him like experience. If you´re faithful to yourself, you can easily sell your services, your products, your talents. Because the enthusiasm that is what sells, will be what with your work or with your words, you will demonstrate to others. There aren´t shy people neither bad speakers when they talk about what enthusiasm them. But sometimes, at his tender age, have been able to mutilate this way to be natural in human being. And he may have become selfish, arrogant, vain, a being hateful!, who sells what doesn´t feel, what doesn´t love neither want. It does not last; it’s the most comfortable way to arrive bankrupt. If you have been taught wrong, learn well and do the good and the good thing that you, you want to be and do! And you will succeed in sales and in everything else.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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