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Advice 35 – You´re your own success:

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: You will never succeed, snatching what is from others, althought is their spouse, their ideas, their partners, their belongings, their contracts, their customers. Make yours own!; for what take from others, when you can have yours own, for your needs, according to your character, according to your products, according to your ideas and mentality? You’ll never succeed if you take what is from others!, and nobody is a successful person if he has to take from other what other has and gives to him success. Success, to be success, it has to settle on the basis of freedom. You can have your own spouse, for what take who is from the other?, you can have your own business, for what take which is from the other?… You will never be satisfied of yourself with what others have or their leftovers. You can have your own first fruits and prosper with your dreams, making them a reality and without harming anyone. Especially when children are harmed, when there are marriages with children and you are the cause of their divorce, you can never have success on this! Look for your own happiness with a free person like you, don´t damage to children, neither yours nor those of others. God has always had a especial predilection for the children, the sick, the widows, and all who suffer. You imitate Jesus, the Christ, and have compassion on them and put peace in their life, instead of giving them more war, by getting into where doesn’t concern you. Don´t ever break a marriage or a business from others!, because although they say to you and someone complains, there has been a contract and you must to respect the freedom of all, and not the actual freedom, but also the freedom of the commitment that they made years ago. To respect the property of others, is a principle of natural law and is also in the Law of God. And don´t obsess with what is not yours, but you must to take out of the life what is yours, create it with your own hands, go out of your dreams, because in this life, there is something for everyone, and the success is individual; you must to do it for you, according to your qualities, and the more qualities you get to have; your success will be greater, because the success are yourself, you are your own success. Give you value, value you!, and get to work on yourself, for the more good you are, more good will be your success! Your success depends on you. Saints are those who have achieved the greatest, the best success: the perfection. And they have done many wonderful things, and they are remembered even today, some, centuries after their passage through life, true success is everlasting!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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