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Advice 36 – You never get a good of an evil

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: Keep the accounts clear, pay your taxes, if you can deducts, but that everything will be under the law, to not have problems, neither of consciousness nor legal. Look for a good accountant, a good lawyer and an economist in finance, that say to you the things clear, because many times, for not knowing, you fail. Being able to do things good, don´t do it evil, neither in your business nor in your personal and family life. Don´t have two lives!, don´t keep two accounts!, think that success is given by God, and God isn´t in lie; God is in the cunning and in the works of mercy; I mean that the law, always, if you know it, you can do that it will be in your favor, if you do things good, with good intention, good means and getting good benefits. The traps don´t shorten the way, they lengthen the failures. You can´t take a short cut with numbers, because they are always clear, two plus two always equals four. So do not think have success defrauding the State, because you will not get more than some other triumph, but the success, you can´t achieve that never!, if you don´t do the things right, well done, always making them with legality and the best of the best, doing all your work for yourself and for God who lives in you, and that God who sees everything, He will help you and applaud you. If you can´t do something legally, seek other options, but you be always legal, because you never get a good of an evil. Invent them, that your partners and you think in new options, better options, although they be longer ways but you will arrive safe!, if you take short cuts, you can get lost on the way, and this is no success. And the same goes with what you do with your future spouse, because there are things that are proper to marriage, you can´t take short cuts!, neither for the business nor for human love. Many have failed and fail for not staying in the plan of the natural thing, of the moral law!”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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