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Advice 40 – Your success are you and what is yours

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: You have to know that in the life, you will have many disappointments of people that you love, and some say love you, but their works are very different to their words. You must know that this thing will happen, you have to be certain that it will happen and that the most important thing for you is that you don´t undeceive yourself; while you ‘re faithful to yourself, with a good moral in conduct and understanding, with that peace that you have to finish your examination of conscience under the light of the Ten Commandments, and you have all your heart full of love for God and patience to those who are not as they should be, to those who are undeceiving you and you didn´t imagine it; think that they are forming, life form, and they have erred; let them err!, but you don´t err, accept that THEY ARE WRONG, not question the goodness and the good that always we ALL must do; if they have stopped of do it, don´t call for that good what is bad, because some fall into this error, because they can’t live without their love, and what they do is leave the moral in other side to adjust to what does this person that they love, and that if they don’t accept it as valid, that it isn´t valid!, she, that person despises them, she separates them of her side, and if you think that if you adjust to she, you will continue receiving her love, it will not be, because the love is given, never is buying lowering our identity. The contrary, you have to keep on your course of action, with your moral and always give good example, because everything passes, except God. The fashion, the money, the triumph, everything passes except the love with which God loves you. And if you trust in Him, although you want that this weak person would be who will love you, God will bring nearer you another one, she will not be her, another one that will be better, but care!, because life also will bring nearer you people with goodness appearance but they will be and are as many people as who today has disappointed you. To learn how to recognize who is who, be you like the person that you want to love, and you will know very well how are the “symptoms” of the person that is like you. Give hope to your life, and although would be your spouse, your father, your son, a friend, a boyfriend, a brother, who has undeceived you, God can substitute their love, the love that they’ve denied you by the works, although their words and kisses can be like those of Judas, because there are whom say and don´t make, but they say and they say, and their words lie, because their deeds are not a reflection of them, although they have excuses, thousands of excuses, and also they believe to have all the right in the world, to act as they do. Besides putting all your full love in God, put your trust in Him also. Your success is yours, and nothing or little has to influence with what others do or say. If you are persecuting the success, you have to know, as of now, that you’re going to suffer many disappointments, also in business that will be a failure, and what? … nothing happens, it was not what it had to be!; Accept it!, as you must accept that this person, these people didn´t give it their best, got tired and decided that they already had triumph, and that is why they left to pursue the success, perhaps they preferred the money to the love, or perhaps the sex to the love, or fame to a home in love and peace, they decided it, and I want you to know that many who did also, then, over time, like you they were undeceived, others not, others continue and continue to have triumphs and moving away of the success, because the success is yours, the others do not give it to you, or the money that you receive, or the fame that others give you, or the love with others love you; the success ARE YOU, is within you, in your way of to live, to act and to accept others; in your way to give freedom to all, doing that they respect your freedom; because you go for the success, this success of to do the good and the right thing, this success that will give you peace and joy in your old age; yes, ALWAYS you will have to your side people who really love you, although some of the ones that you loved, they undeceived you because they preferred the triumph to the success. You must know it, others going to disappoint you, but the important thing for you is that you don’t disappoint anyone doing evil. You’re who worth, you. Always remember to love and respect yourself, and to decide to be free to be good and do the good thing, and not “sell” yourself, neither for love nor money. Your success are you and what is yours.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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