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Advice 43 – Success by your talents

Montserrat Bellido Durán speaks to you, for your success: My friend, if you’re frustrated because you haven’t a desire, because you don’t know what to desire, because others haven’t taught you to dream, or previous dreams have gone wrong, then, go to God and say to Him that He makes you, that He takes out from you the talents that He put there, that He helps you to recognize them, to know in what you can dedicate your life; because you can be, to do all the good thing and the good that you want. Success is not in exchange for an illusion, but a plan of life, a teamwork, either with God or with God and others, but the success is always waiting that you decide to have it, get it, and in what and how and when; God can do everything, EVERYTHING, but He needs you, the works of your faith and your personality, that you form in yourself and you have a good character, that character that will determine your success, because for your character, you will receive from others the fruits that you give with it. Who has a bad character, who has badly humor and is pessimistic and dictator, that one can’t succeed, yes he can triumph in something, but isn’t durable, and isn’t the success that makes you happy from the inside to the outsite. Many people have the triumph that comes from the outside to the inside, but this is not the success, although is not bad, if one won it with the personal effort of doing the good and the correct thing, because there is who does things good, he’s a good professional and triumphs, but he hasn’t success because he hasn’t good character, inside himself is not anyone important, he triumphs for the importance that others give to him in a particular moment or time of his life, but the success, let me tell you, the success, is that you be a true success in your way of being, of feeling life, of living it. Take care of yourself, that your presence show in others the respect that you feel for yourself, because the success is a kind of love, and nobody loves who not respect himself, because there isn’t admiration for anyone who does not work himself, not cultivate himself and not perfect himself with the values ​​that always give the success, the values ​​of the virtues. Learn which are the human virtues and practice them, because they will take you to the success. The success never will come to you, the success come out of you and you reaping its fruits, as is reaping the fruits of love. Success and love go hand in hand. Anyone that doesn´t truly love and despite of the sufferings he get from the imperfection of those others, who do suffer him with their mistakes, and many times he has to forgive them, anyone who doesn’t know love everyone in their imperfection and giving them good example of success in the virtues, anyone who doesn’t be magnanimous and simultaneously just and knows to live alone with God, in community, will not receive the success that can give him to be a leader, one who knows how to take out the best of the others and to leave the worst in hands of God; because God can make that the worst of a person, be corrected and has success, this definitive success of having inside of one the happiness of understanding why he has come into the world; I tell you, to be perfect in the love of Christ, and to have success in himself, your success.”

Montserrat Bellido Durán

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